Rather, the nostalgia I feel comes from something that often occurred during my 15 year tenure as the News Sentinel outdoors editor a phenomenon known as expansion. be at my desk, typing an outdoor report, when the phone would ring. It might come from any marina on any lake, but for illustrative purposes, let say Hickory Star Dock on Norris. The chatter would go something like this:

Women Canada Goose Solaris Parka Berry New Zealand

Sam! Herb Smith just came by here with a 6 pound, 4 ounce smallmouth bass he caught way back in Lost Creek. or so minutes later, my phone would ring again. This time from, say, somewhere in Fountain City:

´╗┐All the makings of a pro'

Not in the same sense as Williams famous flop. I never claimed to be aboard a military helicopter that came under enemy fire. Heck, I rarely flown in a helicopter of any description anywhere.

We put down quickly in a pasture. There was no wreck. There were no casualties except for a few dings in the rotors, not to mention sphincter puckers in our seat cushions. The goose roundup and banding exercise continued as if nothing had happened.

Ever since NBC news anchor Brian Williams suffered an acute case of foot in mouth disease, I been strolling down Nostalgia Lane.

The pilot swerved under a power line, then abruptly went up. Zaaap! Our cut two or three wires like string. In my mind eye, I can still see them snaking slowly toward the water, as visually poetic as fly line settling gently upon a trout stream.

Oops, wait. There was that time, mid 1970s, when I was in a TVA chopper, snapping photos during a Canada goose roundup on Melton Hill Lake. No joke. Unlike Brian Williams, Women Canada Goose Solaris Parka Berry New Zealand I neither making up nor embellishing this incident. Surely there a report of it in some dusty TVA file.

See? expansion is nothing new. So perhaps NBC will eventually cut Williams some slack and bring him back to Nightly News. not, he has a promising future on the bass tournament circuit.

Sam! This is Bob Jones. My buddy Herb Smith just stopped by with a 6 pound, 12 ounce smallmouth bass he caught near Stump Island on Cherokee. enough, the phone would ring anew after about 45 minutes enough time for Herb to reach his home in West Knoxville.

Sam! This is Herb Smith. I just got back from Fontana. I caught a 7 pound, 3 ounce smallmouth bass near the mouth of Hazel Creek. That out of the water bass not only gained 15 ounces during the course of a single afternoon, it also traveled from two lakes in Tennessee to a third one in North Carolina!