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What kind of student attends Duke? The kind who freely offers constructive criticism to opposing players while wearing moose antlers. . more

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Escaped 'lion' identified: After a 911 caller reported a lion on the loose in Norfolk, Va., police called the Virginia Zoo to make sure all predatory African cats were accounted for. They were. It seems the concerned citizen mistook an off leash Labradoodle with an unusual haircut for the king of the jungle. They were. It seems the . more

Hummer bummer: Even from a distance, American Robby Gordon (far right) and his co driver look dejected after flipping their Hummer during Stage 4 of the Dakar 2013 between Nazca and Arequipa, Peru. The mishap . more

Blackout Nazarene: A Catholic devotee who fainted Women Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest Berry New Zealand during a raucous procession of the centuries old Black Nazarene statue is crowd surfed to an ambulance in Manila. Throngs poured into the Philippine capital to . more

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