It was so wonderful to have found this. My husband and I have lived in Fallbrook since 1983 (both our children were born here) but I never paid much attention to the area's history other than an occasional tidbit of information here and there. and hoped to find a picture of the home so that (if the bank lets us purchase it) we can restore it close to its 1947 charm. Along the way I have discovered a wonderful history of the area and the families who lived here. Thank you so much for the walk back in time through your memories it was lovely!!

For all seeking more info on the origin if our DRIGGS lineage, new facts have come to light. Originally, our Driggs family was presumed to be of the DeRaet lineage of Dutch extract. However, more research and DNA comparisons with other Driggs family members establishes without a doubt that we are NOT descended from Josias DeRaet, nor were our ancestors Dutch. Rather, they came from Portugal, one Joseph Driggs. The original name appears to have been RODRIGGES, RODRIGEZ, and many other spelling variations. DNA results show family in nearly every Latin American country, island, and the Portuguese mainland and the isles off her coast.

Please feel free to email with questions or with any info you may have. I just want to tell you I stumbled on to your site looking for Nimrod Tavenner in KS. This is one of the best organized, better designed, more user friendly genealogy websites that I have seen. I didn't find an index however that is the case with so many because it makes them just too large. "Job Well Done" God Bless and keep up the good work!I have been doing genealogy for forty years and have taught genealogy classes on the college level in NE and MO for ten years, with the advent of the PC. I just want to tell you I stumbled on to your site looking for Nimrod Tavenner in KS. This is one of the best organized, better designed, more user friendly genealogy websites that I have seen. I didn't find an index however that is the case with so many because it makes them just too large. "Job Well Done" God Bless and keep up the good work!

Loved your comments anyone who has lost a child can appreciate your loss. I too lost a precious son 27 in a tragic crash but his son was left behind for me and my husband to raise he is so much like his dad and I see it in him everyday I tried my hand yet once again at gourds and was rewarded with 30 ft vines!!! I love them they are truly beautiful and am trying to get some for martins my husband built me 2 beautiful houses and they have had yearly visitors that we love watching the vine is about to take over my greenhouse that was just built this year but I have let it run cant wait to see what I harvest!I dont have much time to read all your articles but really enjoyed what I got to will be back bookmarked your site God Bless and we will see them again!!Sissie I live in Texas and Boy is it hot!!!

´╗┐Annie's Family Guestbook

I am hoping someone connected to your website may be able to help. Kind , Faye Whibley, Christchurch New Zealand. I now live in Branson, Missouri, but my daughters Candie and Bobbie Jo are still in Oklahoma with their families. I was on myspace and a friend mentioned Wanda Jackson being nominated into the Rock Roll Hall of Fame, and of course that made me think of Aunt Wilda. I always thought she was so beautiful. I think you've done a wonderful job with the site. Please say hello to the family for me! Debbie

Dear .

I am a professional archaeologist/historian and the County of Riverside has asked me to complete a cultural resources assessment (historical and archaeological survey and report) prior to starting road improvements near a property that Anthony Reche apparently owned. Reche's ranch included 160 acres in the Southeast Quarter of Section 18 (Township 2 South, Range 3 West, San Bernardino Base and Meridian). Do you have any other specific information on that property location of the old buildings, details about landscaping and other activities, and finally who built the ca. 1940s buildings that are in that area now? Since the area is unincorporated, it's difficult to find building permits, although I am going to complete a title search tomorrow which will hopefully shed some light. Any maps, historic documents, or other information you could forward would be tremendously appreciated. Also, I understand the Indians used the springs in the area and any information about them (locations, names, stories, etc.) would be a great help.

I would like to know where or who the Callaway family was and also where the Strain family applies to my family.

Dode Stubblefield. She painted a picture of my grandfather uncle adobe house in Temecula. He was a circut judge. his name was John Magee. I have the original painting. Wondering if this is the same Hindorff family. The Hindorff was hired by Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Berry Nz Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base to rid the base of rattlesnakes as to protect the quail nests.

I hope to update the website soon, and share all the new findings as I discover them.

Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Berry Nz

I am writing to you in the hopes that someone could tell me more about the gentlemen called Henry Callaway Johnston born 24/11/1882 he is the son of my maternal great grandfather David William Johnston his parents were John Johnston and Elizabeth GIRD(Johnston) married in Edinburgh Scotland on 1 June 1881. David's other children were Margaret Urqhart Johnston and William Hawthorn Johnston he is my maternal grandfather and father of my mother Isobel Theresa Johnston now Edwards. David Johnston was married to a Margaret Hawthorn (born Urqhart) became Johnston their address was a Sherwell Street in Johannesburg South Africa 1907. David William Johnston was a Medical Practitioner.

I am the Great Granddaughter of Kate Agnes NUTSFORD. Her marriage certificate lists her father as Henry Rogers NUTSFORD. I believe Henry to be the son of Thomas NUTSFORD and Mary Finnie GIRD. My dilemma is I cannot find a birth for Kate Agnes anywhere. I have a source that states her birth date being 1860 in Whitehaven Cumberland, but extensive searches for confirmation of her birth have hit a brick wall.

My Vaughn's are descended from Morrell Vaughn and Delilah Day. They were between New York and Canada in the late 1700's to early 1800's. Two sons that I know are John William and Rufus Spencer (my ancestor). John William Vaughn went west to Oregon and was connected with the Lost Wagon Train story. He raised his family there. Rufus Spencer Vaughn was my 3rd gr grandfather. He was married to Polly Daniels. He was probably born in NY, did die in Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL. This family was also found in Keokuk, Iowa for a short time.

William Hawthorn Johnston my maternal grandfather married a Theresa Strain became Johnston and they had 3 offspring my aunt Margaret Isobel Strain Johnston now French, the late Noel Hawthorn Johnston and my mother Isobel Theresa Johnston now Edwards. I am her daughter Anne Mary Edwards now Gieg.

Through genetic testing I have determined that my Y DNA matches many Vaughans but no Bradshaws despite my surname. There is no family history to explain this fact. Conventional genealogy gives William Bradshaw in 1880 census Wayne Co., Mo. as earliest ancestor with any confidence. His son John O. is my gg grandfather which now appears to be genetically Vaughan. Vaughan, Bradshaw, Missouri, mid 1800's all converge in your website. I hope I can relate someone to the family tree of the DNA tested Vaughans.

I grew up in Pala Indian Reservation. My family is the Magee's, de Pedrorena's and Estudillo's. I lived on a ranch Condor's Nest. Knew a fellow Erick Hindorff he had a sister