Grouse Mountain confirmed to Global News they have not engaged with the activist group at any point.

On January 7, the League was planning to picket the parking lot at the base of the mountain to inform potential customers of the sale of real fur on the mountain.

Still,the Vancouver Animal Defense League calls the mountain denial of the group role in their decision not to re stock the jackets upon receiving our news release, their guest services department changed their official line from carry ethical fur to are fur free says Brooks. was an instantaneous and utter transformation in their communication with the public. organization vows to keep monitoring Grouse Mountain on a weekly basis throughout the winter to ensure it stays fur free.

Brooks says they started their campaign to get Grouse to drop real fur products last October.

extreme tactics of the Vancouver Animal Defense League were Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Brown Nz not a factor we considered in our decision making and we stand by our conservation ethic, says Jacqueline Blackwell with the mountain.

Protesters took issue with the mountain retailing jackets containing real fur, namely Canada Goose jackets, which the activists say bear the fur of trapped Canadian coyotes and Parajumpers jackets bearing the fur of live skinned Asiatic raccoons.

He says the mountain did not respond to their emails and phone calls.

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´╗┐animal rights activists take credit

The League claims on January 2 Grouse Mountain Guest Services informed them that they had received instructions to advise the public that there is now fur on the mountain. next day, the activists verified in person that the store was in fact fur free.

Mountain is a venue for nature appreciation, not a venue for nature abuse, says Michael Brooks with the Vancouver Animal Defense League.

But Grouse Mountain told Global Newstheycarry two clothing brands that each contained fur trim and sold extremely well. They say they are currently out of stock and do not anticipate a reorder this season.