Carol, can wait to hear about your luau!

Sheila, not sure I would want to rent a houseboat there either!

Roma, Thank you for your words and yes he loves his new food. Is your Grand Dame at the Vet Hospital right now? Twice a day every day is intense I am glad you came to terms with giving him the shots. Two weeks ago the Vet said if I do nothing he will life a month. I am so glad I have had all the advice and help here coaching me on about what I needed to do. This little cat has really worked me over the years and I enjoyed all his tricks. One time he was in the back yard and screamed like he was attacked. I never saw another cat but I ran right outside and he was laying under the deck moaning. I crawled under the deck and picked him up in my arms and he was moaning. I got him in the house and checked for cat bites and I could not find a thing. He could not get up and acted weak. I wanted a can of soda so I walked to the kitchen and got myself a can of pop and Vinny some Fancy Feast and when he heard his cat food can open he ran as fast as he could to the kitchen and there was no more pain or issues after that. I think he tricked me. It will probably be up soon so hang tight.

Judy, no we didn go to Flamingo. I really don remember the bugs being bad where were. Maybe I was too busy making sure those gators really weren coming my way.

Sad for the Blair parents. Glad our egg broke when it did IF it wasn viable. It just gets too sad to watch.

Skedaddle, yes very big. When driving around there we needed to adjust to strange expressway ramp configurations for getting on and off. Very unnerving to the unfamiliar. Wonder if similar to what MAVIS encountered in Atlanta that got her all the "hello waves" from the locals there?

Looks like J is the only one on nest right now.

When I saw Justice bring in the grass this morning, he dug around in the nest quite a bit before I had to leave. Nobody else reported seeing him at that time.

´╗┐Alcoa Davenport's Bald Eagle Nest

My new storage shed was just delivered and is all set up. Guess I better get back to taxes. I can already hear the question: "When are you going to get busy and empty that spare bedroom?" Taxes first! I have until 4 30 15. I figured L or J had a late night or early morning visit and made a few drain holes. I was up and looking around 8:00 AM EDT. After Bea posted about the grass, I went back to look and shortly after that I lost the NV feed for my iPad.

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Last night you were talking about how the Vet Tech could bring something into your home. They wash their hands quite often, but hand wipes are a good idea. It a foaming germicidal cleaner, I would spray it on my shoes until they were all foamy, before I got back in my car.

Now, for the rest of my Everglades story. We walked on paths that were actually wooden boardwalks, raised up just a bit above swampy ground. We also walked along a one lane road used by the tour bus which we didn ride on. That road was where we saw gators on both sides. We were told the gators were still cold so they weren moving fast at all. I didn believe that at first until I saw them walking very slowly. My husband was more creeped out than I was! If I saw one moving I just stopped and watched him go where ever he was headed before I continued on. Some of them were HUGE!

Mavis, for once I getting both cams on my tablet after weeks of it not working. All morning both cams were also working on my laptop. Hope your feed straightens out soon. I agree gators are intimidating! Of course I never come up on one out of the blue either.

You might be able to buy a can of it from your veterinarian.

Mavis, you aren the only one who thinks I "just not right." LOL

Mr. Now, tonight agenda is one I could really get into! Have fun! Will look for your pixs

Roma, I meant to tell you that your "grabby" post was such a good read! So right that much more is being learned about eagles all because of the cams these days.

Vinny Got his Sub Q fluids tonight. He did not get upset like before he was real good. I did rub him down a lot after so I could help disperse the water for him. He is sound asleep right next to me now. When I go outside and work in my yard I take him with me I have a chair out there I put a special pillow for him so he just watches me. This morning he was actually interested in a bird and doing the cat talk to it they do. He never got up though. I went to the cemetery today and I did get a little worried how he was doing while I was gone. When I got home he was on the steps letting me know he did not like that I left.

Gregory, There is a site called Find A Grave and people who want a picture of the grave of a family member put in a request and hopefully someone in the area of the cemetery will go take that picture and post it for them on the family memorial. I have filled 4,189 Volunteer Photos people have made requests for. I do carry bottles of water so I can clean a grave if it has bird doo doo on it an umbrella to block the sun so the grave does not Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Blue Nz Sale have glares on it and aluminum foil if you can read it all. I press the foil on it and take the picture and the name and dates pop right out. One time a couple of years ago an older mother who was living in MN requested to see a photo of her baby son grave who died under one year old many years ago. I found it and she had a metal locket that was large and heavy laying on the grave with his picture in it. That locket was broken in half and was getting blown I guess because it was in two pieces. I took it and had it soddered together and then returned it to the cemetery on his grave. I have lots of stories but that is just one that you might relate too.

Earlier saw what I think was J moving branches around nest and picked up the one that looked like a divining rod. Wished he put it in the 10 11 o area that is lacking, but it may have gone off the edge out of view.