At 6 we heard the first faint honks of the day. A flock of 15 Canadas circled the field.

As the eastern horizon began to lighten, we plucked clumps of wheat stalks and attached them to the blinds for added concealment.

About 5:30 we settled into the blinds and waited to see what the morning would hold.

They flew, all right, but climbed high to the north and well out of range.

Our group included Santiago, 33; Blake Lawrence, 26, of Cudahy; and Dillon Lull, 26, of Milwaukee

While we contemplated a strategy, a single goose came in from the southwest.

The birds responded but landed 150 yards to the northeast.

"What?" Lawrence said, feigning incredulity. "How could they resist?"

Breeze is welcomed by most waterfowlers. Not only does it help hunters predict the direction birds will fly into a decoy spread, but it helps keep mosquitoes at bay.

"Maybe they've been taught a lesson or two," Lull said.

Lawrence and Santiago got on their calls; Lull waved a flag.

´╗┐An early shot at Canada geese

The flock of 15 was still on the ground, so Santiago sent Banks out to flush them.

That's exactly what we intended to do as part of the 2013 Wisconsin early September Canada goose season.

The Wisconsin goose management plan has included the early September hunt since 1990. The season, held statewide from Sept. 1 15 with a daily bag limit of five birds, targets the resident population of giant Canada geese.

With no birds in sight or earshot, we popped our blinds open and relaxed.

We were accompanied by a pair of chocolate Labrador retrievers, 9 year old Gator and 3 year old Banks. we drove to a lower field and began to lug decoys and layout blinds into position.

It certainly was possible. The 2013 Wisconsin early September goose season was a week old.

In a nearby field, 8 foot tall corn stalks swayed in the breeze.

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We set out three dozen goose decoys in the stubble of a cut wheat field. At the edge of the spread we placed four layout blinds.

Dressed in T shirts and light pants, we wore what is Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Cream Nz Sale increasingly the uniform of contemporary Wisconsin goose hunters.

When your plan is to lie still in an agricultural field for a few hours in late summer, you take all the help you can get.

When it was 20 yards from our blinds, a single shot rang out. Gator made the first retrieve of the day.