Ottawa contributed more than $8 million to perfect the system. media executive Ted Turner, whose philanthropy has financed several projects aimed at Men Canada Goose Pbi Chilliwack Bomber Blue New Zealand curbing the spread of nuclear weapons. The announcement is scheduled to be made today in Ottawa and New York.

It looks for references to disease outbreaks, contaminated food and water, natural disasters, bioterrorism and exposure to chemical and radiological agents. It will also look for reports about the safety of drugs and medical devices.

Federal officials are to unveil a global health alert system today that will allow scientists to monitor reports in seven languages concerning outbreaks of dangerous diseases and terrorism threats.

The system was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada, using Canadian technology.

"This unique, multilingual system gathers and disseminates relevant information on disease outbreaks and other public health events by monitoring global media sources such as news wires and websites," a federal document says.

The system, known as the Global Public Health Intelligence Network II, builds on an earlier system that monitored English language reports of outbreaks of infectious diseases such as SARS.

It will be used by the World Health Organization, a UN agency, and by governments around the world for early warning of potential epidemics or terrorist incidents involving biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear materials.

A report in one of the languages would be quickly translated into the six others for public health officials working around the world.

It can find reports in seven languages English, French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and the two most commonly used written forms of Chinese.

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