She was rushed to the Emergency Room at the University of Alberta Hospital less than a week ago after her family said she was found unresponsive, bleeding, with extensive injuries to her head and face.

The young woman had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

"Patients and patient safety are our focus. All patient safety complaints are thoroughly investigated and reviewed internally. Out of respect for patient confidentiality, as well as the ongoing investigations into this matter, AHS will not be discussing case specific details with or through the media."

´╗┐AHS launches investigation after Alberta Hospital patient allegedly beaten

At first, her relatives were told by hospital staff that Lisa had slipped in her own urine, and fell the family believes something else happened, and have filed a complaint.

"When Lisa got in from the ambulance, she was just so badly it looked like she was beaten," Michelle Goltman, Lisa's sister, said. "She had slits right down her lips, three goose eggs, she had two black eyes."

AHS released a statement on the case, saying an investigation was underway.

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The family of the patient said her name is Lisa, and she is 22 years old.

Lisa's family said the incident raises concern because they said she's been injured on other occasions since being admitted to Alberta Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Navy Outlet Nz Hospital in July 2012.

Alberta Health Services has launched an investigation, after a woman being treated at Alberta Hospital was rushed to an Edmonton ER, suffering from extensive injuries.

The patient's family also met with Edmonton police officials Wednesday night, police confirmed Thursday that a preliminary investigation had been launched, but unless criminal charges are laid, the case falls under AHS jurisdiction.