STEPHANIE SIGAFOOS: A Jersey native raised in Northeast PA, she was reared in a house littered with 8 tracks, 45s and cassette tapes of The Beatles, Elvis, Meatloaf and Billy Joel. She also grew up on the sounds of Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw and can be found traversing the countryside in search of the sounds of a steel guitar. A fan of today's 'new country,' she digs mainstream/country pop crossovers like Lady Antebellum and Sugarland and other artists that illustrate the genre's diversity.

At least one area resident, Kim Bydlon, 17, of Whitehall Township, made to the next round, but confidentiality agreement she signed with the show prevents her from talking about what happens next. MOSER has been around long enough to have seen the original Ramones in a small club in New Jersey, U2 from the fourth row of a theater and Bob Dylan's born again tours. But he also has the number for All American Rejects' Nick Wheeler on his cell phone, wrote the first story ever done on Jack's Mannequin and hung out in Wiz Khalifa's hotel room.

Contestants ages 15 28 must choose a song from an approved list which includes Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" (like we haven't heard that one a million times), Keith Urban's "Kiss a Girl," Barry Manilow's "Copacabana" (for all you joke contestants), Frank Sinatra's "That's Life," Dashboard Confessional's "Screaming Infidelities," Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop," Madonna's "Borderline" and Poison's "Nothing' But A Good Time."

Here's a video of show Men Canada Goose Heli Arctic Parka Red Nz Sale host Ryan Seacrest making the pitch:"All you need is a web cam and an Internet connection," says. if you have what it takes you could be on your way to singing in front of the judges. Take one minute to change your life by submitting your audition."

'American Idol' wannabes can now go on

Hey, you people who traveled to New York and waited eight hours in a stadium to audition for "American Idol" only to be dismissed after 30 seconds of singing with two other people: Here's another reason to hate the show.

Singers will have 40 seconds to state his or her name, the title of the song, and to sing it a cappella.

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JODI DUCKETT: As The Morning Call's assistant features editor responsible for entertainment, she spends a lot of time surveying the music landscape and sizing up the Valley's festivals and club scene. She's no expert, but enjoys it all especially artists who resonated in her younger years, such as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Tracy Chapman, Santana and Joni Mitchell.

KATHY LAUER WILLIAMS enjoys all types of music, from roots rock and folk to classical and opera. Music has been a constant backdrop to her life since she first sat on the steps listening to her mother's Broadway LPs when she was 2. Since becoming a mother herself, she has become well versed on the growing genre of kindie rock and, with her son in tow, can boast she has seen a majority of the current kid's performers from Dan Zanes to They Might Be Giants.

Those chosen for the next round will be contacted by an "Idol" producer by phone or email before the start of the Los Angeles callbacks Nov. 2 4. Some contestants waited more than 13 hoursfor the brief auditions.

Now you can audition online.