She is the first ever female head honcho of an English public school. Nor does it end there. For she is not only a gel but also hails from the colonies (New Zealand) and sports a rather curious short haircut of the type I tend to associate perhaps unfairly with lesbians. Now, this might sound frightfully impolitic in the 21st century, but I really not sure that I would wish to send my son to a school run by a colonial lesbian. did some tutoring at Abingdon School as a young undergraduate and found the boys intelligent but rather lacking in personality. My informers tell me that nothing much has changed in half a century. Who knows, perhaps Miss Lusk is just the chapette to drum some charisma into them. But my advice is that if you going to send your boy to that corner of the country, then jolly well pack him off to Radley. It as fine a sporting school as one will find and churns out some absolutely corking chaps, the present cricket captain of England among them. omitted to mention this on my previous schooling post, but I urge all parents to apply the gum tree test when visiting a prospective public school. This is applied as follows: when strolling around the place and speaking to a few of the school current boys, ask yourself whether they would be the type of chaps one could feel confident in if stuck up a gum tree with crocodiles circling beneath. It all very well a school producing fellows who speak decent Greek or turn out well in a DJ, but one needs a few plucky, resourceful blighters as well.

Yours, etc Andrew Strauss former sports master famously said that he always knew Strauss would do well since "at that time there was no boy at Radley with whom one would rather be Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Brown Nz Sale stuck up a gum tree". It was a superb method of gauging character, as I sure you agree.

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´╗┐And you wonder why I disapprove of minor public schools