After losing a sister to gun violence in 1991, and now all three of her children, Roache says she's had enough. She wants the shootings to stop and worries that the young men behind these crimes have Discount Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka White New Zealand had a lack of role models.

Roache's 18 year old daughter, Chemere, was killed in March, 2002, while standing outside a nightclub with her boyfriend. Police later learned the boyfriend had been the intended target. Nine months later, on Christmas Eve, Yannick Roache, also 18, was ambushed and killed in what police called a targeted shooting.

"That was the future he was looking at. And it was robbed from him," she said.

"These kids, they need more love from home, because you can't go around taking any people's lives that you didn't give. You just can't do that. And any wrongdoing, you have to be punished for that," she said.

Now, she is vowing not to remain silent about the need to end gun violence in her city and that those responsible for her son's death will not go unpunished.

Losing a child is a pain no parent should have to experience, but Carol Roache is experiencing that pain for the third time, after her youngest son was shot to death in Toronto's north end.

"Now I'm a mother who's left without any children," she said.

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Roache says Jamal had been convicted of drug trafficking in 2012, but was turning his life around. He was taking classes in the small business entrepreneurship program at George Brown College, and had just registered a company.

"I'm here because this has to stop. I have no more children and I don't want to see another mother go through what I'm going through," she told CTV's Canada AM Friday.

´╗┐after losing third child to gun violence

Hearing police knock on her door to tell her that her youngest and last child was dead was something she never dreamed would happen. She went hysterical, she says, and thought back to the two children she had already lost.