To bring you back to reality, there are pay telephones placed unobtrusively at the top of the mountain just in case you need to call the office or your broker or for dinner reservations. At lunch time you can check your equipment at ski corrals at two of Deer Valleys three lodges. All the amenities of a fine hotel have been incorporated into this ski resort.

The condos are privately owned but managed by the resort. All are luxurious, with fireplaces and individual hot tubs.


WRITING FROM DEER VALLEY, UTAH. Look out Gstaad. Stand back Aspen. The beautiful people have discovered a ski resort that takes the art of accommodating very seriously. In seven Discount Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Tan New Zealand short years an upstart from Utah (of all places) has become the creme de la creme of ski resorts. Its called Deer Valley.

This devotion to the art of accommodating is evident when you first arrive. Uniformed valets unload your skis from your car to the ski racks in front of Snow Park Lodge, at the mountains base. Parking is close by, with a shuttle tram to transport the driver to Snow Park. The walkways around the lodge are heated to prevent the inconvenience of ice and snow. If you choose not to drive, transportation is as simple as waiting outside your condominium for the bus. The free transportation system runs between Deer Valley and Park City.

That Deer Valley reminds one of a fine hotel makes sense. The developer and manager is James Nassikas, the hotelier behind San Franciscos Stanford Court. In Deer Valley he has created an environment where the guest can relax, knowing he will be taken care of very well.

And on those days when theres a beautiful blue sky and your skis are lost in the areas famous powder, its, well, nirvana.

Accommodations in the lodge range from studios to four bedroom suites complete with kitchenettes. All have fireplaces. Rooms are done in

The philosophy here is to eliminate all of the things that people hate about skiing, says Chet Schneider III, a public relations manager, as we ride up the mountain on a padded chairlift. Market research indicates that skiers only spend four hours a day skiing. We offer quality in our food and lodging to make a total ski experience.

The lodge, known simply as Steins, is rustic and homey with overstuffed couches and leather chairs, beamed ceilings and enormous stone fireplaces. A cheeky boutique offers a full complement of Bogner one piece jumpsuits the

respectively. However, in these cafeterias, a waiter actually serves that second or third cup of coffee tableside and clears your dishes as the meal progresses.

If thats true, it would be just one more accolade to shower on the already splendid quality of food here. Glitretind, the gourmet room in Steins, offers a bountiful buffet lunch for only $10.

Scandinavian country style, with pine furniture and huge quilted bedspreads on the canopied beds. All bathrooms have whirlpool spa tubs to massage those aching muscles. Or you can send for one of the lodges staff massuers or masseuses. They make house calls.

Crowds at the lift lines are forbidden. Ski passes are judiciously limited to a set number. There is no annoying wait at the lifts or dodging fellow skiers downhill. The runs are gloriously uncrowded. The result is that the skier and the mountain become one. There is a simpatico between the skier and the mountain.

´╗┐After The Slopes

The day lodges, Snow Park at the base and Silver Lake at mid mountain, serve delicious food cafeteria style in the Huggery and Snuggery,

must have in ski fashion.

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From its inception, the resort was planned to be exclusive. The physical constraints of the area precluded endless development a la Vail or Aspen. There is a rather modest two tiered mountain, the top peaking at 9,400 feet, and a spectacular valley floor. Everything within the 6,700 acres has been meticulously planned. The esthetics of the two day lodges and one full service lodge on the mountain and the condominiums on the valley floor are impeccable. Deer Valley is self contained and self satisfied.

Privacy is essential in Deer Valley, where on any given day you may be sharing your chairlift with Jane Fonda, Bruce Springsteen or Bryant Gumbel. During my stay, Dr. Ruth Westheimer appeared at the lunch buffet in the Glitretind Room one day and pronounced, All of Steins soups are good for sex.

Deer Valley lies in the Wasatch Range, an easy 45 minute drive east of Salt Lake City. The Wasatch mountains are home to a number of fine ski resorts Snow Bird, Alta and neighboring Park City but none is quite like Deer Valley.

The main lodge is named after the director of skiing, Stein Eriksen. The 1952 Olympic champion has hung his medals a giant slalom gold and a silver picked up for the slalom in the lobby of the lodge and is active in the day to day operation of the resort. Norways most famous skiier may have just turned 60, but he doesnt look a day over 40.