"For 10 years, they were not able to build a pipeline," he said. "They built their entire strategy around hoping that oil prices would remain high and when those did not, they were Discount Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Black New Zealand unable to help Alberta."

With debates about unbuilt pipelines again raging in Canada, it seems the interim Conservative leader has opened a new line of attack that won't hold water.

Conservatives have made Energy East a key area of focus since Parliament returned this week.

Ambrose lauds Trudeau for taking her 'advice'

Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enter the House of Commons earlier this week. (Photo: Matthew Usherwood/Canadian Press)

Trudeau shot back that it was curious Tories were criticizing his government for "not getting done in 10 weeks what they were unable to do in 10 years."

Later in question period, Ambrose sparked huge applause when she urged the prime minister to "stop using his cellphone for selfies with Leo DiCaprio" and instead use it to call Coderre.

The interim Tory leader noted at the time that tens of thousands of Albertans have lost their jobs due to plunging oil prices and said Trudeau has not responded.

He later said that, for 10 years, the previous government acted as a "cheerleader" for projects instead of a "responsible referee."

"Obviously, as was in the news, we talked about pipelines and energy policy," Trudeau told reporters asking about the meeting at Montreal City Hall. "I highlighted that I'm always happy to hear perspectives from across the country on various projects."

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On Tuesday, Ambrose rose in question period to cheekily "thank the prime minister for taking my advice and meeting with Mr. Coderre."

While it's possible Ambrose missed Tuesday's presser, Trudeau also referenced pipelines last month while responding to her question in the House of Commons.

Trudeau said it's his job to ensure that national projects are treated in "a way that both contributes to the economy, to a secure environment, to bringing people together and mostly to creating a better future."

At a press conference Monday, Ambrose called out Coderre for opposing the project, saying such a move was "not in the spirit of national unity."

Justin Trudeau and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre spoke to media on Tuesday. (Photo: Canadian Press)

The problem for Ambrose? Trudeau used the "p word" hours earlier at a widely covered press conference with Montreal mayor and Energy East opponent Denis Coderre.

"They built their entire strategy around hoping that oil prices would remain high and when those did not, they were unable to help Alberta." Justin Trudeau on ConservativesTrudeau said Conservatives made a "big show about being a great friend to Alberta" but got nothing done for a decade.

"Why is the prime minister turning his back on Albertans in their time of need?" she asked.

In a Calgary Sun story published late Tuesday, Rona Ambrose said many Albertans are upset by what she deemed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's reluctance to stand up for the energy sector.

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