While other stuff gums up the gears.

There's a little Supreme Court in his head

Rep. Dixon's revelationDuring debate on a Bible in schools bill in the House, opponents raised questions about whether the measure violated the Idaho Constitution, to which the bill's House sponsor, Rep. Sage Dixon, R Ponderay, said, "The little Supreme Court in my head says this is OK." That inspired this limerick:

No. 1:

To plastic bag bans

Honk, honk, honkI penned this limerick a week and a half before the close of this year's Idaho legislative session, inspired by a very large Canada goose that was comfortably perched on a Statehouse window ledge, looking for all the world like it was hers and hers alone:

The Joint Finance Appropriations Committee, on which Horman serves, can't write an identical budget after one's been killed; it has to make at least some small change. Horman proposed a $100 higher amount, with the intention of taking up the collection from lawmakers; Sen. Dan Schmidt, D Moscow, one upped her, proposing $200 instead. That's the budget that passed the joint committee, and then both houses.

Rep. Wendy Horman, R Idaho Falls, in an unusual move, announced to the House, "I'm taking up a collection." She brandished a stack of cash. "Members of JFAC have already been very generous, as well as many members around me," she told the House.

Laws to address all the fears

And he'll tell us all what it said

Time to leave this place to the goose?No. 2: When the gears of government grindGears often grind toward the end of a legislative session, and people get testy. But certain types of bills don't tend to see as many holdups, inspiring this limerick:

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No. 3:

After the Idaho House earlier had rejected the budget for the Idaho Commission on the Arts in an unrelated dispute, it voted 51 17 on Thursday in favor of a new version with just one difference: There's an extra $200 in the budget from legislators' private donations for arts education projects.

Some session accomplishmentsThis limerick was inspired by major reforms that had passed, even as lawmakers were focused on unrelated late session fights:

No. 4:

Lots of ideas have got juice

From Sharia to Bible sneers

With lawmakers still on the loose

Go gliding on through

From Sharia slams

How this will hastenNow no Discount Men Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Black New Zealand one could possibly see red.

Horman said, "Good ladies and gentlemen of the House, please help me put to rest the worries of the Arts Commission." Lawmakers anted up $210.

´╗┐after first killing budget

As gun rights bills do