Biologists credit their recovery to a vigorous predator control program on the remote Alaskan islands where they breed, and tough protections throughout their winter migration routes in Washington, Oregon and California.

Today, there are more than 30,000 of the birds, which are one of 11 subspecies of Canada goose distinctive waterfowl that have gray and buff bodies, long black necks and black heads with white cheek patches.

Woolington said the outright ban on shooting Aleutian geese will be lifted if the birds are delisted, but that some hunting closures are likely to remain in effect to provide a continued degree of protection.

The proposal comes four weeks after the bald eagle was proposed for delisting. Twenty seven species have been delisted since passage of the act 16 because they went extinct, or had been originally listed by mistake.

"Humans nearly drove the Aleutian Canada goose to extinction, and humans through the Endangered Species Act saved this magnificent bird," Interior Secretary said.

´╗┐Aleutian to be moved off endangered list

Clinton administration officials consider the delisting proposal proof that the Endangered Species Act is working.

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The birds have also had help in their wintering grounds.

The foxes had been brought to the islands by fur farmers and trappers, ultimately devastating the local birds including Aleutian geese.

A 90 day public comment period will follow the delisting proposal, with a final decision by the expected next year.

Since their listing, a complex set of hunting regulations and closures has been in effect along the migratory routes the geese take.

"None of the Canada goose subspecies are good at pioneering new breeding grounds, or moving back into a breeding area that they've been eliminated from," said Woolington.

"What really helped was the elimination of arctic foxes on their (western Aleutian) breeding islands," said , the supervisory wildlife biologist for the near Los Banos.

Fully 99 percent of the small, retiring geese spend the winter at wildlife refuges in the San Joaquin Valley, particularly the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge west of Modesto.

A goose that was on the brink of extinction 25 years ago has rebounded so vigorously that federal officials will announce their intention today to remove it from their list of endangered and threatened wildlife. Endangered Species Act in 1972, the number of Aleutian geese was under 400.

"So as we cleared the islands of foxes, we moved captive goslings in. They fledged and migrated, then flew back to breed Cheap Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Mid Grey Nz at the places where we had relocated them. Over the years, we've been able to build up the populations."