Sherwood Hoffman of Slatington and Mike Follweiler, New Ringgold, also scored on 226 pound and 130 pound bears, respectively. Only four dogs are used on any one chase, however, according to Moore.

Higgins said Maine's vast wilderness system draws many hunters with weather playing an important role in success rates.

The seasons for 1993 1994 in this newspaper's coverage area are:

Outdoor Festival The Two Rivers Chapter of Waterfowl USA will hold its first Outdoor Festival Oct. 2 3 at the Lappawinzo Rod Gun Club near Northampton. Activities include trap shooting and sporting clays competitions both days with a decoy show and auction Sunday.

Moore's bear was checked by a conservation officer and weighed on state certified scales. area. On the same morning he killed the large boar, Jimmy Jones of Slatington also shot a 270 pounder, Moore said.

In all zones, daily limits may include no more than one hen mallard, Canada Goose Cheap Snow Bunting Nz one black duck, one pintail, two redheads and two wood ducks. In addition, five mergansers (including only one hooded merganser) may be taken daily. Five snow and blue geese, which show up in Pennsylvania on occasion, may also be taken in addition to the Canada goose bag limit.

´╗┐Allentown Hunter Bags Record 680

Moore said he has hunted at the Maine camp for the past 17 years.

Pre registration is required. For additional information on the festival and/or dinner call Steve Lubenesky (797 4038) or Walt Dusza (257 1010).

"We tend to do better if there's good weather," said Higgins. "More hunters stay out and more bears are on the move (and) the availability of food also keeps more bears from denning."

Proceeds will go to area waterfowl and wetlands projects. Fish Wildlife Service and issuance of regulations to the state game commission.

"I've had magazines and newspapers calling all week," said Moore, who is still at the backcountry retreat.

For information on Higgins' guide service call (207) 769 7681.

Bear hunting with dogs is allowed in Maine between Sept. 13 and Oct. 29. Moore used a .300 Magnum Browning rifle.

North Zone Canada geese from Oct. 9 16 (daily bag limit one goose) and Oct. 18 Dec. 18 (daily limit two geese). Ducks from Oct. 9 23 and Nov. 6 20. Daily bag limit three.

He said hunting with dogs is exciting "not so much for the taking of the bear as it is hearing the dogs trail the bear through the woods."

South Zone Canada geese from Oct. 18 25 (daily limit one), Nov. 17 Dec. 31 (daily limit two) and Jan. 1 17, 1994 (daily limit three). Ducks Oct. 18 23 and Nov. 25 Dec. 18. Daily bag limit three.

The previous state record was 610 pounds.

Therefore, migratory bird season dates are not available in time for inclusion in the digest provided with each hunting license.

A 1993 Migratory Bird Stamp better known as "duck stamp" must be in the possession of any waterfowl hunter age 16 or older in addition to a state hunting license. The stamp, available at most area post offices, must be signed in ink across the face.

Dick Higgins of North Ridge Guide Service in Presque Isle, Me. guided the hunters in a 1,000 acre bog where the hounds tracked the bruins. Both Moore's and Jones' bears were taken on the same drive.

Canada Goose Cheap Snow Bunting Nz

Interstate 80 divides the two zones throughout most of Pennsylvania. The exception is a sector in portions of Montour and Lycoming counties.