This year's Ann Arbor area count had 61 total counters, 6 of whom were under the age of 18, and 4 feeder watchers. 70 species were counted, which is typical for counts of the past decade which average 69.5. The total bird count was 32,861, below the 10 year average of 36,065. The biggest source of variation in bird counts from year to year is the count of crows; over this decade the count has been as low as 4,800 to as high as 29,000.

The Audobon Society hosts an annual Christmas Bird Count, with volunteers identifying bird species and counting the birds they find in Baby Canada Goose Elijah Bomber Black Outlet Nz the area. The program, now in its 111th year, is "citizen science in action." It provides very long term information about trends in bird populations and appearance and disappearance of species from an area, and gives the local birding community a chance to coordinate an annual event.

Here's the bird count list for 2010; as much as possible, I've collected photography from staff photographers, file photos, and contributor photos, with a modest goal of having a photo on hand of every bird in the area. If you have pictures to share, please let me know!

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´╗┐Ann Arbor Christmas Bird Count for 2010