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The 35 year old, who revealed her own painful experience with nonconsensual sex in her new memoir The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, is appalled by the scandal because she thinks the real issue is not being addressed, despite the furore surrounding the situation. my friend. I love him. I not on Facebook so I don read his crazy rants. Like, he just gets something from going after people, making them mad. That is not representative of me at all. continues: you know, I asked him, just, you just stop because it comes back to me? Because he writes for the show, it a bigger story because of our connection, and so whatever tangent he gone off on I have not agreed with, and it been really upsetting to me seeing someone that I care about hurt themselves like this. Right now, there no plans for the TV show to come back anytime in the near future. So nobody on my staff. I think people, you know, they want his head. They want to burn him at the stake.

Amy Schumer addresses writer

Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Black New Zealand

Comedien Amy Schumer isn interested in discussing her fallout with Kurt Metzger when more Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Black New Zealand important topics like rape are on the table.

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Teen charged in killing Canada goose

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. Police say a 15 year old boy will be charged in the killing of a Canada goose that was found dead near a bloodied rock at a Massachusetts park.

Melo says another case involving a Canada goose that was apparently shot to death with a pellet gun in the same area last weekend remains under investigation. The two cases don't appear to be connected. New Hampshire officials say the state's unemployment rate went up slightly in August, to 3 percent.

BOSTON (AP) America's oldest lighthouse station is being honored as it turns 300 years old. Coast Guard Commandant Paul Zukunft called Boston Light a "landmark that will stand the test of time" at a waterfront Boston celebration Wednesday. Seacoast Science Center officials say an 8 foot swordfish that washed up along Cable Beach in Rye earlier this week appears to have died of a respiratory infection.

A jury gave Gary Sampson the death penalty in 2003, but that sentence was overturned eight years later by a judge who found that one of the jurors had lied repeatedly about her background.

Jury selections begin in carjack killings

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August 2015 was 3.3 percent.

BOSTON Jury selection has begun in the sentencing retrial for a man sentenced to death in the 2001 carjack killings of two Massachusetts men.

The state estimates that 734,590 people were employed last month, an increase of 1,750 from the previous month and an increase of 17,450 from August 2015.

Sampson pleaded guilty to carjacking and killing 69 year old Philip McCloskey and 19 year old Jonathan Rizzo during a weeklong crime rampage in July 2001. The new jury will be asked to Men Canada Goose Expedition Navy Nz Online decide if Sampson should receive the death penalty or life in prison.

America's oldest lighthouse marks 300th anniversary

The state employment security office says the preliminary seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is up a tenth of a percentage point from the July rate of 2.9 percent.

Royer says a necropsy was performed on the predatory fish on Tuesday after it was found dead on the beach Monday.

The goose was found near the duck pond at Brooklawn Park on Sept. 1 with blood on its head. A 3 inch rock was found near the scene.

Rob Royer, an aquarist at the science center, said that it's very rare for swordfish to come ashore given the depths of the ocean they generally inhabit.

Nationally, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August was 4.9 percent, unchanged from the July rate. It was a decrease of two tenths of a percentage point from August 2015.

There were no visible wounds or bite marks on the swordfish's body. The necropsy revealed mucus in and around the fish's organs, an indicator that it may have been suffering from a respiratory infection.

New Bedford police Lt. Amos Melo says the boy confessed to his parents, who then contacted police. The boy will appear in juvenile court on an animal cruelty charge.

Royer says he's never seen a swordfish wash ashore during his 12 years in the Rye area.

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He started in the West Final against Calgary, recording three tackles and one forced fumble. In the Grey Cup championship game, he recorded three defensive tackles.

Sewell recorded 35 defensive tackles, four quarterback sacks, one forced fumble and one knockdown in 18 games starts in 2015.

The Eskimos announced Tuesday that the CFL club has extended the contracts of slotback Adarius Bowman and defensive tackle Almondo Sewell through the 2017 season.

Bowman recorded 1,304 receiving yards on Canada Goose Cheap Kensington Parka Nz a league high 93 catches with a career high seven touchdowns last season in 17 games, all starts. He had five 100 plus yard receiving games this season, including a 12 catch, 208 yard performance with a touchdown in a Week 18 win over Montreal.

Almondo Sewell to extensions

In the Grey Cup, Bowman had four receptions for 73 yards, highlighted by a 23 yard touchdown in the first quarter.

Entering his ninth season, the CFL all star has amassed career totals of 448 catches for 6,729 yards and 34 touchdowns.

Canada Goose Cheap Kensington Parka Nz

Bowman recorded six catches for 74 yards and one touchdown in the Eskimos CFL West final win over Calgary, then put up four receptions for 73 yards, including a 23 yard touchdown in the first quarter, in Edmonton 26 20 Grey Cup win over Ottawa.

Canada Goose Cheap Kensington Parka Nz

The Edmonton Eskimos have locked up two big pieces of their Grey Cup winning team.

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"As we watch the internet grow and we watch online shopping grow, there really is no imaginable limit to what this could mean," adds Surette, who works for ZF Max International, a Canadian based operation with a parent company in China. ZF Maxemploys up to 60 Nova Scotians and runs a lobster plant near Halifax.

"It's buyer beware. It is buying blind," warns Roger Gingerich. The fashion broker is not a fan of the e commerce behemoth. Using Alibaba, companies with big orders can directly solicit Chinese manufacturers bypassing the extra cost of a middleman like him.

Ma's North American invasion is already in full flight. The company has just sold its first shares in New York, raising a cool $25 billion.

"I am thrilled," says Marc Surette about the remarkable volume.

The McMaster University professor adds that Jack Ma's plan for massive growth may hinge on the trust factor: "To a large extent, going forward, their success will depend on how well they can set up safeguards and ensure that buyers and sellers who use their platform are satisfied."

Lobster supplierZF Maxis certainly satisfied. Surettesaysthe Maritime lobster industry has struggled in recent years. But, with Alibaba, he says "it's allowing us to reach the Chinese market in a new way and for Atlantic Canadian lobsters that's reaching close to 1.4 billion people."

Alibaba is China's largest online commerce company where consumers connect with products and companies connect with suppliers. When you tally up the sales, it's already bigger than Amazon and eBay combined. And it owes much of its success to China's ballooning middle class, where a growing number of people can spend more on things they need and on stuff they truly don't need.

He likens the site to a dating service where, when you finally see the goods, you're sometimes disappointed.

Alibaba founder, Jack Ma, told Stephen Harper during his recent trip to China thatcustomers bought 20,000 Canadian lobsters through his online empire last year. Ma who appears set on world e commercedomination predicted better results to come.

He explains that the order "came in entirely wrong. It was paid for upfront. There was no getting the money back. And a number of people were fired over it, including the CEO."

Roots Canada sells sweats on the site. The popular clothing company forayon Alibaba is "a preliminary test to help determine whether we decide to develop this further," states spokesmanRobert Sarner.

"There a huge amount of demand from China," Ma told the Canadian prime minister and fellow audience members in Hangzhou, China, where Alibaba is headquartered. He added that 120 million people are shopping on his sites every day.

"The only reason Alibaba is in business is because everyone wants it cheaper. Every year, we've got to be cheaper," laments Gingerich. But he says there's sometimes a higher price to pay because not all online dealers can be trusted.

A massive surge in Canadian lobster sales is just one more sign China based e commerce giant, Alibaba, is shaking up the online shopping world.

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The Chinese weren't just clicking on Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Graphite Outlet Nz Canadian lobster last Tuesday. On that day, sales through Alibaba's websites exceeded $9.3 billion (US).

"We can help Canadian small businesses to sell their products to China," he informed Harper at their meeting. Canadian companies are already cropping up on Alibaba, peddling everything from maple syrup to clothing.

The fraudsters are in on it, too

Alibaba shakes up online shopping for Canadian makers

Ma has vowed to crack down on vendors peddling knock offs.

Marketing expertManishKacker says ensuring all players are content is a challenge faced by every e commerce site. He points out that Alibaba has some safeguards in place, such as a forum to provide feedback.

Gingerich gives another example where a company received a large shipment of garments that were sized extra small instead of extra large.

At first glance, Canada Goose also appears in on the game. That means if you buy through the site, the "Canada Goose" jacket that arrives by mail will probably be a fake.

And he got them. One company alone estimates it sold more than 90,000 Nova Scotia lobster this past Tuesday on Alibaba's colossal upscale shopping mall site, Tmall. Tuesday was China's deep annual discount day.

The broker says he knows Canadian companies who have hired manufacturers through Alibaba and got burned: "I know of a million dollar deal that went south. It was for headgear."

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"Most of the waterfowl season dates for 2012 are the same as 2011 adjusted for the calendar shift. One important change proposed by duck hunters during the public involvement process was a Monday through Friday closure to the duck and goose seasons from November 5 through 9 in order to extend the end of the north zone duck season for late season hunting to November 25," Van Horn said.

"According to harvest data about 90 percent of the duck harvest in the north zone is over by November 1, so the remaining hunters are those that are very passionate about duck hunting and this change came from those hunters. Some hunters will be excited about this change while others have concerns over the closed days in early November.

Southern Wisconsin wetlands were dry during the summer but this has resulted in good growth of plants that produce duck food so if rains return before fall, the ducks will have an excellent dinner table set for them, Van Horn said.

"Thanks to all the folks who took time to come to our public meetings or send us their comments and participate in this season setting process," adds Van Horn. "Waterfowl hunting is a blend of traditions, friendships and memorable days on the marsh. We wish you a successful hunt and leave you with a reminder to be safe out there in everything you do."

The season structure includes:Early September Canada goose season Sept. 1 15. Daily bag of five geese Youth Waterfowl Hunt Sept. 15 16. Daily bag is the same as the normal season bag. Youth participants who may hunt geese should note that Sept. 15 is part of the early goose season (early season permit required, 5 bird daily bag), while the Sept. 22 Nov. 4 and Nov. 10 25. Southern Zone season is Sept. 29 Oct. 7 and Oct. 13 Dec. 2. Mississippi River Subzone season is Sept. 22 30 and Oct. 13 Dec. Water conditions were far drier across the prairies than in 2011 but they are still near average for 2012. This good news resulted in the same liberal duck regulations we enjoyed in 2011 being offered again in 2012 with an increase in the daily bag limit for scaup from 2 to 4 ducks per day. Spring duck counts in Wisconsin were about average with variable breeding habitat (south dry, north wetter). Obviously, this dry summer has not aided our local duck production and the fall duck hunting success will depend, in part, on significant rainfall between now and then."Canada geeseExterior Zone: North Sept. 16 Nov. 4 and Nov. 10 Dec. 21. South Sept. 16 Oct. 7 and Oct. 13 Dec. 21. Mississippi River Subzone Sept. 22 30 and Oct. 13 Jan. 3. Canada goose bag for exterior zone seasons: Daily bag of two. Horicon Zone: H1 Sept. 16 Oct. 28. H2 Oct. 29 Dec. 16.Canada goose bag for Horicon zone: Daily bag of two with six tags per hunter."The major Canada goose regulatory change for this season is that we were able to increase the length of the Exterior Canada goose season from 85 days to 92 days as a result of a flyway evaluation of the impacts of the stable hunting seasons over the last 5 years," said Van Horn."These days will be added in December which will offer late season Canada goose hunters additional opportunity. Based on our previous harvest patterns this will result in a relatively small additional harvest as most harvest occurs in September and October. This will bring Wisconsin to a total of 107 days of Canada goose hunting statewide which is the maximum allowed by international treaty."Light geese, brant and white fronted geeseLight geese (snow, blue and Ross) and brant: Seasons are the same as for the Canada goose zones and subzones. Daily Bag Limit: one brant and 20 light geese. White fronted geese: Exterior Zones (north and south) and Horicon: North Sept. 20 Nov. 4 and Nov. Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Red New Zealand 10 Dec. 21. South Sept. 20 Oct. 7 and Oct. 13 Dec. 21.Horicon: H1 Sept. 20 Oct. 28. H2 Sept. 20 Dec. 16.Mississippi River subzone: Sept. 26 30 and Oct. 13 Jan. 3. Daily Bag Limit: one white fronted goose.

We will delete all comments using hate speech. Slurs, stereotypes and violent talk aren't welcome on our web site.

As is the case every season, Van Horn said, successful hunters will usually be those who log the most preseason hours scouting out of the way potholes and waterfowl habitat, looking for new hunting opportunities away from crowds and hunting pressure. A duck hunter's fall hunting success depends mostly upon scouting, fall water conditions and weather patterns.

2012 Wisconsin waterfowl hunting seasons set

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Comments should not attack other readers personally.

GERMANTWON, Wis. Wisconsin will have a 60 day duck season and an extended exterior zone Canada goose season of 92 days, under a waterfowl hunting season structure the state Natural Resources Board approved at its meeting Wednesday in Germantown.

Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Red New Zealand

The comment sections of our web set are designed for thoughtful, intelligent conversation and debate. We want to hear from the viewers but we are not obligated to post comments we feel inappropriate or violate our guidelines. Here are some of the criteria you should follow when posting comments:

We will see how this season goes and we can decide next year if the hunters would like to continue with this change."

We do not edit user submitted comments.

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She joined the WNEP news team in June, 2012 as a multi media journalist, shooting, writing and editing her own stories.

Amanda comes to the Newswatch 16 team from Your News Now in Syracuse, New York. She was the Watertown Bureau Reporter, covering the 10th Mountain Division of the Army at Fort Drum, the 1000 Islands region and beyond.

Amanda began her broadcasting work at Kent State University where she graduated summa cum laude in 2010 with a degree in Broadcast News and a minor in Sports Administration. At Kent, she was a member of the student run television program TV2 News, serving Portage County.

Amanda Kelley

She is excited to be living in Northeast Pennsylvania and covering the local stories and issues in this area.

DIMOCK A new home going up in Susuqehanna County is almost done. The three year project in Dimock is unlike any other home you'll find. From the outside it looks just like any other house. Inside, workers busy putting the final touches on the project in Dimock. But Zachary Hallisey and the about 60 other contractors are all high school students. They say an area farmer is using sewage sludge to fertilize about 100 acres of land and they're worried that mixture may be hurting the environment. The mixture neighbors are referring to in Lebanon Township is biosolid fertilizer. A farmer in Wayne County is using the treated human waste to help his hay crops. The bridge still closed this week, but there's some relief for residents in sight. Work is in full swing on the Sugar Hollow Road Bridge in Wyoming County. Troopers said she crawled from the wreckage and was able to go get help. The husband and wife were both taken to local hospitals. Investigators say the four members of the Slocum family jumped from their second story window. The family says it showed up late Sunday afternoon and hasn't Cheap Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Brown Nz flown the coop since, and they are worried the bird might not make it without some help. A new feathery friend is making its home in Wayne County. The Canada goose decided to take up residence at the Denunzio's home late Sunday afternoon near Lake Ariel. We talked with shoppers and retail employees in Columbia County about what seems to be a new Thanksgiving tradition. More stores than ever are announcing they be open for business Thanksgiving night. According to the coroner, Holden Wayman, age 2, of Vandling died Monday night at Geisinger CMC. and found in a pool near his home. Police said people searching for the boy discovered him in a neighbor pool across the street. PennDOT closed one lane to fix a massive three foot by four foot hole on the bridge over North Main Avenue. was sort of crumbling from underneath and so once it opened up you could see the extent of how large it was," said PennDOT Spokesman James May. According to PennDOT officials, a large hole opened up on the Main Avenue bridge at the Dickson City/Main Avenue exit (190). PennDOT said traffic piled up past the Dunmore/Throop exit, moving at only a slow crawl throughout the day. Both lanes of I 81 North are now open after emergency repairs to the Main Ave. The Bon Ton is one of two retail anchors of the mall and its owners announced Thursday they would not be renewing their lease and will be vacating their two story store in Scranton. News of The Bon Ton moving out at the Mall at Steamtown comes just a week before the mall 20th anniversary.

A huge Pittsburgh sports fan, you can find Amanda cheering on the Black and Gold in her free time. She also enjoys running and spending time with family, friends and her cat Reese.

Amanda is a Pennsylvania native, growing up in the city of Pittsburgh.

Cheap Men Canada Goose Banff Parka Brown Nz

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While other stuff gums up the gears.

There's a little Supreme Court in his head

Rep. Dixon's revelationDuring debate on a Bible in schools bill in the House, opponents raised questions about whether the measure violated the Idaho Constitution, to which the bill's House sponsor, Rep. Sage Dixon, R Ponderay, said, "The little Supreme Court in my head says this is OK." That inspired this limerick:

No. 1:

To plastic bag bans

Honk, honk, honkI penned this limerick a week and a half before the close of this year's Idaho legislative session, inspired by a very large Canada goose that was comfortably perched on a Statehouse window ledge, looking for all the world like it was hers and hers alone:

The Joint Finance Appropriations Committee, on which Horman serves, can't write an identical budget after one's been killed; it has to make at least some small change. Horman proposed a $100 higher amount, with the intention of taking up the collection from lawmakers; Sen. Dan Schmidt, D Moscow, one upped her, proposing $200 instead. That's the budget that passed the joint committee, and then both houses.

Rep. Wendy Horman, R Idaho Falls, in an unusual move, announced to the House, "I'm taking up a collection." She brandished a stack of cash. "Members of JFAC have already been very generous, as well as many members around me," she told the House.

Laws to address all the fears

And he'll tell us all what it said

Time to leave this place to the goose?No. 2: When the gears of government grindGears often grind toward the end of a legislative session, and people get testy. But certain types of bills don't tend to see as many holdups, inspiring this limerick:

Discount Men Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Black New Zealand

No. 3:

After the Idaho House earlier had rejected the budget for the Idaho Commission on the Arts in an unrelated dispute, it voted 51 17 on Thursday in favor of a new version with just one difference: There's an extra $200 in the budget from legislators' private donations for arts education projects.

Some session accomplishmentsThis limerick was inspired by major reforms that had passed, even as lawmakers were focused on unrelated late session fights:

No. 4:

Lots of ideas have got juice

From Sharia to Bible sneers

With lawmakers still on the loose

Go gliding on through

From Sharia slams

How this will hastenNow no Discount Men Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Black New Zealand one could possibly see red.

Horman said, "Good ladies and gentlemen of the House, please help me put to rest the worries of the Arts Commission." Lawmakers anted up $210.

after first killing budget

As gun rights bills do

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Her evidence against the claim made by Wolfe Simon et al. can be summed up in this single graph. DNA extracted from GFAJ 1 cells grown with arsenic (red) and without arsenic (blue) was purified using a CsCl gradient, which separates molecules by density. The two peaks on the lines with solid markers indicate the presence of DNA. If the cells grown in arsenic incorporated it into their DNA, there would be another red peak with the open markers. Based on the 4% As P replacement reported by Wolfe Simon et al., we would expect to see a peak with the height of the dotted orange line. What we actually see is no detectable arsenic, so the most likely explanation is that the analysis performed by Wolfe Simon et al. detected contaminating arsenic, not arsenic covalently incorporated into DNA.

Seaweed biofuel might someday be an efficient alternative to land crop derived ethanol in coastal regions.

Rob Carlson and Daniel Grushkin, two promoters of DIY synthetic biology, wrote a piece in Slate outlining military funding of synthetic biology for weapons research7. This issue isn't entirely new8, but it's Cheap Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Green Nz one that demands timely consideration. First, I must emphasize that biological weapons are nowhere to be found in this (non classified) discussion. The question at hand is whether synthetic biology should be used to produce explosives precursors, given that synthetic biology can produce these compounds in a more environmentally friendly way than can conventional synthesis. It's one of those dilemmas that demands extremely careful thought.

There have been a few interesting developments in synthetic biology/science generally recently, and I can't help but cram them together in a single post.

An international team of collaborators recently reported success in fermenting ethanol from seaweed1,2, a plant with the benefit of lacking a pesky molecule called lignin that complicates the fermentation process but with the added challenge that many of the plant's sugars are tied up in a complex polymer called alginate. The fermenters used by the biofuel industry aren't able to digest it. The researchers transferred an alginate digesting gene from a different bacterium to E. coli. The E. coli secrete the protein (Aly), leaving small fragments of alginate floating outside the cells. After searching through databases, they found a series of genes to transport the fragments into the cell. With the sugars now inside the E. coli, the cells could ferment them into ethanol, yielding 80% of the theoretical maximum.

Cheap Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka Green Nz

and Synthetic Bioweapons

On the one hand, the industrialized world produces an astonishing quantity of explosives. As a commenter on one of the articles pointed out, most of these materials are used for peaceful purposes, in the mining industry in particular. Yet, the research would be funded by defense agencies with their own agendas and not so peaceful applications. In the face of that fact, I think the only justification can be that the alternative is an equal number of polluting weapons. I think that overall the benefit will outweigh the harm, in part because the discoveries will spur broader research in biosynthesis of other compounds with peaceful applications.

However I still have lingering reservations about the work. The military doesn't have to worry about anyone stealing an explosives factory today. The building and machinery inside are far too extensive to be stolen. But the game changes when an entire factory can be grown from a single cell. After all, how easy would it be to pocket a cryotube containing billions of self replicating explosives factories?

2. ArsenicLife Comes to Close

The world is facing a global energy crisis that demands both extensive scientific effort and sound policy making. Biofuels will undoubtedly be key in addressing the problem. Today we have an impressively large agricultural biofuel industry; corn ethanol comes to mind. Whether using corn for ethanol is a good move or not is an extremely complex issue that I'd rather not go into here. However, it's clear that corn ethanol cannot address global energy demand, from a practical standpoint if nothing else (the land area required would be outrageous).

1. E. coli Produce Ethanol from Seaweed

3. Synthetic Biologists Must Define Their Relationship with the Military

If you haven't been following Rosie Redfield's work on the highly criticized discovery of DNA containing arsenic3, as much an experiment in open science4 as in biology, then sadly you're a bit too late. After months of control experiments and troubleshooting growth conditions of the strain GFAJ 1, Redfield and her collaborators have provided strong evidence that what Wolfe Simon et al. found was not arsenic life.

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British woman MP shot, stabbed; in critical conditionCaught on cam: Congress leader's nephew loots toll boothFire engulfs part of Tata Nano plant in Discount Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Black New Zealand GujaratDelhi: Speeding truck hits police barricade, 2 killedIndonesia: Over 30 whales stranded on islandMoradabad: Chinese kite thread slits young man's throatCreate Your Own AdAdvertise with usFeedbackTOI Mobile

Agro scientist commits suicide in Samastipur

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Apple WWDC 2016: Siri, iOS 10 and what else to expectOne of my poorest pole performances, says HamiltonHamilton beats Rosberg to pole in Canada

Euro 2016: Modric stunner sees Croatia past TurkeyDissatisfied with Modi government's efforts on black money issue: RamdevPM Modi to hold interactive session with taxmen at Revenue 'Gyan Sangam'

Discount Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Black New Zealand

Top Trends for CM chorus grows in UP BJPLibyan forces 'retake port' in IS bastion SirteApple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Here's what to expect

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American Goldfinch Pictures

Voice Call: various, including per chik o ree or a descending ti di di di; given mainly in flight. Song: a long series of musical phrases, often repeated randomly; similar to the lesser. Not known to mimic other species.

Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Nz

Identification A relatively large carduelid. Breeding male: unmistakable. Body entirely bright lemon yellow with white undertail coverts. Jet black cap. Black wings with yellow lesser coverts and narrow white tips to greater coverts, forming 2 white wing bars along with white edging to the tertials. White inner webs to most of the tail feathers. Pink, conical bill. Breeding female: very different from male. Underparts very yellow with white undertail coverts, while upperparts, including head, olive green. Lower wing bar buffy and quite wide. Tail feathers with white tips and inner webs. Bill pinkish. Winter male: cinnamon brown above and on breast and flanks, with white lower belly and undertail coverts, yellowish wash on throat and face, and muted black on forehead. Wings more boldly patterned. Yellow lesser coverts. Wide, whitish lower wing bar. Bill darker than in breeding season. Winter female: mostly drab gray body with black wings and 2 bold buffy wing bars. White undertail coverts and edging to tail feathers. Dark bill. Immature male: black on forehead reduced or lacking. Lesser coverts duller. Juvenile: resembles adult female. Unstreaked.

The brightly colored male American goldfinch is especially recognizable. The American regularly Youth Canada Goose Expedition Parka Black Nz visits seed feeders, particularly in the east. It is often very gregarious, especially during the nonbreeding season, when it flocks to roadsides and brushy fields to feed on thistle and sunflowers. It is often heard in flight, giving distinct flight calls. Polytypic (4 named ssp.; differences slight). Length 5" (13 cm).

Status and Distribution Common throughout much of United States and southern Canada. Breeding: a variety of habitats, from weedy fields to open second growth woodland, and along riparian corridors, particularly in the West. Does not breed over much of southern third of United States. Winter: populations from northern third of breeding range migrate to southern United States and Mexico, augmenting resident populations throughout middle section of the United States.

Similar Species The male is unlike any other finch in North America; the Wilson's warbler is the only other bright yellow species with a black cap, but it does not have the finchlike bill or the bold wing pattern of the American. All other plumages can be separated from the lesser goldfinch by their bolder wing pattern and white undertail coverts. The female Lawrence's goldfinch is gray like a nonbreeding adult female American, but note the American's wider, buffier wing bars and different pattern of white in tail. The call notes of the American are very distinct from those of the Lesser and the Lawrence's.